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Service fee.

Sorry, did you expect to pay for the privilege of contacting the owners and their most cherished possessions… we have no fee’s

All owners & managers listed on Owners Properties Direct (OPD) have their contact details on display within their own respective property listings.

You may also send them questions direct on their profile by clicking “Contact Owner”; simply send them your email address and details of your enquiry.

OPD do not harvest your contact details or email address for any reason and certainly not for bombarding you with offers etc.

Contact Us.

Please be advised that OPD (Owners Properties Direct) are a listing website for owners and their guests to fully enjoy the privilege of direct contact with each other.

To this end you are advised to contact the owners on their respective pages where you may find their email and phone number supplied.

You may also use the “Contact Owner” button found on the bottom of their profile picture that allows you to contact them directly, (Requires login) simply supply your Name, return email address and phone number within your enquiry should you wish them to call or email you directly, otherwise your conversation will be through the secure messaging system on our website. (We do not collect your details for marketing purposes)(Never exchange personal information either through our site or email, only by direct phone contact.)

Should you wish to contact OPD with regards listing your property/s or need help with any of our websites features, then please use our Contact Form found here:- Contact us

How to search.

Unable to find that holiday using “Where are you going ?”.

While typing your desired location the system will display a list of places that match.
Please select one of these from the drop down, selecting the country only will find more results, or you can narrow it down to a city, or village.

Fine more and a video to show how to search.

Privacy data.

Please see our Terms & Conditions that explains how we use your data.

You may at any time remove all data held on OPD by logging in to your profile and clicking “Delete Account”

Terms & Conditions.

Holiday Insurance

Please do not be fooled by sites saying you are protected.
Have a look here for help and advice.

As your circumstances are very different from each other, you need to tell the insurer everything.
Your medical condition included what treatment you are having.

Once you take out the policy you are covered from cancellations etc.

How to list your property. (Owners Only)

Owners of Property.

1) Please register (Sign Up) from the main page. (See Basic Setup)
2) Enter a unique username and your email address.
3) The system will send you a randomly generated password. (This may be changed once you have logged in)
4) Read help files. (PDF)
Basic setup
Managing secure messages.
How to cancel bookings

5) Visit video help files
All available help files.

6) Once setup, you will be sent a secure link where you may register your contact details for verification, including your phone details.

Get in touch using the contact page if you need any help with your listings

About / Legal

Owners-Properties-Direct is an alternative to Owners-Direct, HomeAway etc.

This is currently a free platform whereby owners of their own property may advertise.

Simply sign up, log in and start uploading your properties details including pictures etc.

Here is a video showing how to get started.
How to setup your Rental Property within your own Control Panel

If you need any help, or want me to upload your details then get in touch… 

Here are thousands of reasons why this site came about.

Trust pilot and their totally disgruntled customers reviews on OD / HA

Apart from our Facebook page, you may also request to join our Facebook group.

Owners-Direct Group 
Here you may list your properties and contact details for prospective new customers.

Please note that Owners Properties Direct (OPD) is a gateway for Owners/Managers and those looking to rent property.
We are in no way responsible for any dealing on this platform including loss of financial activity.
It is your responsibility to confirm that both parties are legitimate and wherever possible proof of ID has been shown.

As for those renting property, its good advice that you contact the owner and obtain a land line number.
Read reviews that they may have on other websites, this will help you in making the right decision.

When booking, it may be a good idea to ask if the property is on the market (up for sale) at the time of your chosen dates,
Some owners will rent their property while trying to sell, this should be pointed out at the time and if so see legal paperwork showing that the new owner will honour the currently existing bookings once sold.


Use of Owners-Properties-Direct indicates that the Guest agrees to release Owners-Properties-Direct from any direct or indirect loss or damage in connection with but not limited to fraud, phishing, any breach of terms and conditions, accidents, strikes, lock-outs or disagreements with the Owner. Owners-Properties-Direct cannot be held responsible for any losses or damages the Guest may experience using Owners-Properties-Director staying in any of the holiday homes found or booked via Owners-Properties-Direct.

Owners-Properties-Direct is not obliged to offer any refund or compensation for direct or indirect losses that neither the Guest may have suffered from renting a holiday home on Owners-Properties-Direct nor the Owner may have suffered from renting out a holiday home on Owners-Properties-Direct acts only as intermediary so no rental contract or rental agreement can be made with Owners-Properties-Direct.

Owners-Properties-Direct may contain links to third-party websites or resources. By using Owners-Properties-Direct both the Guest and the Owner acknowledge and agree that Owners-Properties-Direct is not responsible or liable neither for the availability or accuracy of such websites or resources; nor the content, products, or services on or available from such websites or resources. Links to such websites or resources do not imply any endorsement by Owners-Properties-Direct of such websites or resources or the content, products, or services available from such websites or resources.

Owners-Properties-Direct cannot be held liable to the Owner for any fraudulent, consequential, or indirect damages, including lost profits, however caused, on any theory of liability. The Owner is responsible for any loss a Guest may experience if the Owner’s email account is hacked or maliciously manipulated in any way. If the Owner is a victim of fraud or phishing or if the Owner cancels a booking, the Owner accepts the obligation to refund the Guest the full amount paid, or to offer a matching holiday home with matching rental conditions if not able to fulfil the original booking agreement made between the Owner and the Guest.

As the owner / manager you consent to OPD sending emails to your registered account for the sole purpose of maintaining the listings on OPD.
OPD will never divulge your details to anyone or use them for marketing activities other than those related to your listings on OPD.
You therefore have the option of asking for your email address to be removed which in turn will remove your listings from OPD

Spam (All you need to know in order to keep safe)

Notes on phishing scams.

Never open links in an email on a mobile device.
If on a PC, hover over the link and its true address will be shown.
If you have to check / change your calendar, then always type the address into the address-bar (Never a search engine)
The correct address will always be:.
Then select the login button top of page.
Always check your contact details once a week within your profile.
Try to keep the automated password supplied upon registration as this is a very very strong password.
Changing your password to something you can remember is also easy to be guessed, we can take no responsibility for your account being compromised.

Failure to follow these simple steps may see your account hijacked.. please read the guardian.

How Owners-Direct got customers accounts stolen

How to avoid rental scams.

Please note that as a new Property listing on OPD your standing may be less favoured.
Please make a link to your current listing with OD or any other site where you are listed that will also show your current feedback from existing customers and years spent on that site.
We advise you to have your contact details on display under your profile so that people can call you.
These details are hidden from view until customers view your profile.



  • Owners Direct.

    You may contact the owner Directly
    Either click on the “Contact Owner” button, or Register and send a secured message.
    Remember to leave your contact details if you want a direct reply.

    Always ask the owner/manager for current price and availability as they may change.

    Looking for somewhere else?
    See our Exclusive Page.

  • Report listing.

    Report a listing if you have no reply within a reasonable time period. (Please take into account any time difference)
    Please include the property ID or link within your message.

    Report Property